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Don’t Miss Your Dental Check-Ups With Dentist In Orem

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Having to visit your dentist in Orem twice a year might not be something that everybody looks forward to, but it is something that is very important and needs to be done. If you have found yourself thinking “ why do I need to go in every 6 months for a check up and why is it important?” then i have something that might give you the answer for that.

if you’re thinking about skipping your dental check up because of money or another factor like stress or anxiety, you need to make sure that you consider all the potential risks. What you might end up paying in the future for skipping your appointment will most likely cost you so much more than what you would have to pay for a check up. Here are a few of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t skip your check ups.

  1. Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is very scary and it’s also something that is very serious. Without knowing any of the early signs, oral cancer often does not get diagnosed so it can end up growing quickly and becoming very life-threatening. But thankfully, if oral cancer is diagnosed at its early stages it can be very easy to treat it. Your dentist is actually trained to be able to recognize the symptoms and the signs of oral cancer, and so with regular dental visits, the likelihood of you developing oral cancer is very slim.

2. Tartar and Cavities

Even with the best daily teeth brushing routine, there is still a big possibility that you might miss some spots in your mouth. When plaque builds up on your teeth it can be very hard to remove it, which means it will turn into tartar and tartar is very difficult to remove without professional dental tools. Regular dental visits always include a teeth cleaning which is so good that it can prevent tartar from building up on your teeth and creating holes in them. When tartar sits on your teeth for a long time it ends up creating cavities. Cavities rarely have any symptoms so it can be hard to know if you have any.  Cavities can easily be avoided with regular dental check ups. 

3. Gum Disease

Tartar and plaque do not only cause cavities and tooth decay but they can also cause gum issues. Gum disease happens when tartar build ups and causes an infection in your gums that are connected to your teeth. This is also known as gingivitis and as it gets worse the tissue that attaches the gums to your teeth will start to break down. Once this reaches a certain point it officially becomes a gum disease and your gums will start to swell up, bleed and get really sore. To avoid potentially developing a gum disease it is essential that you visit your dentist in orem for a check up and make sure that all the problems get addressed before they really get out of hand.


Dental Damage After a Car Accident? Visit Dentist in Orem for Quick Relief

Dental Damage After a Car Accident

Dental damage is an injury that follows accidents, such as car accidents. In case the lower part of your face hits the dashboard or the steering wheel, there are all possibilities for mouth injuries to occur. It means victims are sure to receive compensation for their treatment, medical care, pain, and suffering.

When it is about the damage teeth repair, you have to rush to a dentist in Orem.  Your damaged teeth may be anything such as teeth damage, broken teeth requiring a cosmetic procedure, replacing chipped teeth, and no cover to replace teeth cost. The dental damage is due to car accident indicates you can get compensation cover as treatment costs.

Dental Injuries Types from Car Accidents

The common dental injuries caused due to car accidents:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth: Treatment for chipped or cracked teeth is based on the healthy surrounding tissues and nerve. There is a need to understand the depth of the crack. The car accident victims suffer dental injuries and they must seek within 12 hours the dental care from a dentist Orem to save their tooth.
  • During car accidents, dislodged or loosened teeth stay intact, but it gets moved or shifted inside the mouth, or in worse cases, comes out of the sockets. Preserving the tooth is the treatment and this is possible if the assistance from a dentist is acquired within four hours from the splinting, accident, or a root canal.
  • An avulsed or knocked-out tooth is best treated within a few hours of the car accident. If the tooth is beyond the limits of saving, your dentist is sure to restore the tooth with implants or veneers.

Dental Injuries Treatment

If teeth or a tooth after a car accident cannot be saved, repairing the mouth undergoes treatment such as repairing of implants, crowns, veneers, enamel shaping, bonding, root canals, or tooth extraction.

Why a Regular Dental Checkup with a Dentist in Provo Ut is Important

Portrait Of Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride In Countryside
Portrait Of Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride In Countryside

A regular checkup with a dentist Orem is essential as it keeps your gums and teeth healthy. There is a need to fix a dental visit once in six months.

The dental checkup is in 2 parts. It is about checkup, the cleaning or examination, or oral prophylaxis. The dental checkup is done by a dental professional and your dentist in Orem checks for cavities. The x-rays are taken so that the cavities are detected between teeth. The exam also includes a plaque check and tartar check of your teeth. The plaque refers to the bacteria sticky layer, and this has to be removed before it becomes tartar and hardens. The tartar cannot be removed with flossing and brushing, and if they get to build on your teeth, they are sure to result in oral diseases.

Next, check your gums. This is done by the dentist using a special tool. They measure the space between the gums and teeth, besides the depth. The spaces are less when your gums are healthy, but with gum disease presence, the spaces appear deeper. The checkup also includes an examination of the throat, tongue, head, face, and neck. You may look for other signs of trouble, redness, swelling, or cancer signs.

A visit to the dentist’s office means you can get your teeth cleaned. Flossing and brushing help cleaning plaque appearing on the teeth and bear in mind that you cannot remove tartar yourself. There is a need for the dental professional to clean and use special tools so that the tartar is removed.  This process of removing the tar is scaling. Actually, the scaling and polishing are done as a treatment, and in this process, a gritty paste is used to eliminate the teeth surface stains. As the last step, your dentist asks you to use floss.

What to do between each visit

There is a need to take good teeth, and gums care during dental visits. The plaque keeps forming on the teeth, but it is managed by flossing and brushing regularly. The few tips to be done at home as oral care includes:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day using a fluoride containing toothpaste.
  • Daily flossing is a must
  • Use a mouthwash so that it assists in controlling the plaque bacteria. It helps in keeping fresh breath.

Quick facts with regards to a regular dental checkup

The regular dental visits are a must, and they help in keeping the gums and teeth healthy. The regular dental visit will include the checkup part and the cleaning.

During the dental checkup, a dental professional will go through your overall oral health and check all the trouble areas.

During the process of cleaning, your dentist in Provo Ut can identify and remove tartar and plaque buildup while they polish your teeth.

There is a need for a regular dental visit twice a year, and it is best done by an expert dental professional. You must get a schedule fixed to ensure good oral and overall health.