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Roommate Chemistry is Important to Harmonious Living... I have had some bad roommates in my day and it is my hope that I might pass along any wisdom I possess in order to save the person (or web crawler) reading this article from experiencing the strife I have had to endure. It could be argued (on the other hand) that enduring strife is the savor of life and build character. In my experience I would rather not have endured the strife all the same. So, if...
Not All Water Damage is Flood Water Damage... Most home owner insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Many home owners are not aware of this fact. This is unfortunate because the potential water damage Utah that can be inflicted upon a house as the result of a flood can be quite devastating. Not all water damage is the result of a flood, however. The definition of flood for the purposes of insurance coverage will be defined in the language of the insurance policy itself. Often the...
A Brief Overview of Texas State Firearm Regulations... The state of Texas does not have any laws or regulations as to the ownership or possession of “long-barreled firearms” or “long guns” by people who are at least eighteen years old who also have a valid identification. Moreover the state of Texas does not have any laws or regulations as to the ownership or possession of handguns by people who are at least twenty-one years old who also do not have a record of felony convictions. In short all existing restrictions as to the ownership...
Benefits of Myofascial Release... Benefits of Myofascial Release Being in pain can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to concentrate on your job to the way you interact with your friends and family. Through myofascial release Salt Lake City residents can free themselves from pain and live fuller lives. Whether you have a recent injury or long-term pain, a myofascial release specialist may be able to bring you relief from your suffering and help you put the joy back into...
Benefits of the ASVAB Practice Test... It just so happens that many of the readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog are also members of the United States Armed Forces. As such, they will readily affirm that all candidates for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Services must take a test called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (also called the ASVAB test) prior to being enlisted in any branch of the U. S. Armed Services including the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy,...
The Inability to Render an Authoritative Answer... Some people make the spurious claim that the decision to join Scentsy is actually the decision to join a multi-level marketing scheme. For those readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog who are not familiar with this term, a multi-level marketing scheme is a company that sells a product through a team of independent sales consultants. These sales consultants purchase various inventory from the company to sell to his or her customers at a mark up. In addition to making...

The Unhealthy Impact of Water Damage Farmington to Your Tribe...

Readers of this blog know how unhealthy water damage Farmington can be to any tribe. This is true for every member of the tribe from the most exalted chief down to the lowest of scouts. For example, supposing a flood washes through a campsite and sweeps away the tribe, tee-pees and all. Imagine how unhealthy that could potentially be. The rushing water could very well physically injure the members of the tribe by dashing them into trees or rocks. Obviously, a flood also has the potential to drown any member of the tribe as well regardless of their swimming ability.


There are many steps a tribe can take to prepare for a flood. First of all, the housing of a tribe tends to be portable (e.g., tee-pees). Even if the housing of the tribe is not portable it is generally constructed out of low cost materials. For this reason it can be abandoned and rebuilt in a different location. For this reason the first step that a tribe can take to avoid the unhealthy aspects of a flood by being able to move from a flood prone location to higher ground. This would require knowledge of the flood before it actually happens.

If the tribe finds itself in the midst of a flood there are steps that can be taken by the tribe to mitigate any unhealthy impacts. Climbing a tree to get above the water line comes to mind as an effective way to avoid the unhealthy impact of the raging waters. This is an effective technique until the waters knock the tree over. But even if the tree gets knocked over if the tribe member can hang on to the tree as it is carried along by the flood water it is possible that the tribe member will be carried to safety.

The Value of a Body Shop Salt Lake City

There is value to that entity known as the body shop Salt Lake City that must be fully appreciated. First and most obviously, the value of a body shop that happens to be located in Salt Lake City is that it is a place where a car can be repaired once it has been damaged in some fashion. Second, the value of a body shop that happens to be located in Salt Lake City is that it employs mechanics who live in Salt Lake City and who then contribute to the economy of Salt Lake City and the United States by extension.


As the heading to this paragraph might suggest, there are still more examples of value that a body shop which happens to be located in Salt Lake City. One such example is that once a car which was previously damaged passes into a state of being repaired it then becomes a car that can be used for various purposes. For example the car can be used to transport a person to and from work, school or to the grocery store. Each of these functions improves the quality of the car owner’s life as well as the functioning of the local economy.

In addition to this, a body shop that happens to be located in Salt Lake City is valuable because it too is a purchaser of goods and services. For example, a body shop must purchase oil, equipment, tools and other items in order to perform its function. All this contributes to the economy as well as contributes to the body shop serving its intended purpose which is to repair automobiles. As you can see, the body shop is part of a vast and interconnected web that creates the society in which we live.

The Unexpected Nature of Water Damage Farmington

There is an unexpected nature to water damage Farmington and the negative effects it can have on a house. Many home owners are not prepared for the impact that water can have on a house. Many people also believe that their home owner’s insurance policy will cover this type of damage in all situations. This might not be true especially in the case of a flood. Often times a separate flood insurance policy is required to cover this type of damage. If you are unsure whether your home owner’s insurance policy covers flood damage you would do well to review the language in the policy to determine the coverage.


Even if the insurance policy does not cover the damage associated with water, the damage must be repaired so that the house is habitable. This requires the removal of any water remaining in the house by using a pump or wet vacuum. After the standing water has been removed the house must be dried out by using fans, heat lamps and dehumidifiers. During this process any rotted wood, rusted metal, soaked dry wall and carpets should be removed. Also, if mold is detected it is very important that the mold be removed to prevent possible negative health impacts.

Often times a professional service will be required to mitigate the damage associated with water. Many homeowners are not particularly handy and are not capable of repairing water damage. If a house is not competently repaired after incurring water damage it might not be structurally sound and safe to inhabit. Also, if mold is detected if it is not professionally and competently removed then there is great potential for the inhabitants of the house to suffer negative health impacts. It goes without saying that these types of health impacts are to be avoided if at all possible.

When You Need a Collision Repair Salt Lake City

It should come as no surprise that a car involved in a collision will require the services of a collision repair Salt Lake City shop. This is true because a collision between two or more automobiles or an automobile and a stationary object will most likely cause damage to the automobile. This damage could be damage to the exterior of the automobile which one might classify as cosmetic damage. This damage could also be damage to the engine or other mechanical components of the automobile. Regardless of the type of damage incurred by the automobile during the course of the collision, the automobile will require the services of a collision repair shop in order to fix said damage.


If the collision in question occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah it stands to reason that the parties involved will be requiring the services of a collision repair shop that happens to be located in Salt Lake City. This is true because using a collision repair shop located near the scene of the accident or near where the parties involved happen to be domiciled is an efficient use of resources. Obviously, it will be much easier for a person to take his or her car to a collision repair shop in close proximity to himself or herself than it would be to take his or her car to a collision repair shop that happens to be located at a farther distance.

We have learned much throughout the course of this article. Let us review what we have learned and take stock of our newly acquired knowledge. First of all we learned that a car involved in a collision with another car or object will likely require the services of a collision repair shop to fix any damage incurred. Second we learned that it makes sense to use a collision repair shop that is either located near the scene of the accident or where the parties involved happen to live.

A Tale of Water Damage Ogden

One of the key reasons that any tribe remain healthy is because it is bonded by stories which is why I would like to use this blog post to tell the tale I like to call water damage Ogden listen. It all started one dark and stormy night. The vaults of heaven let loose and the water came down in sheets and buckets upon the earth. In no time at all it became too much for the soil to absorb and so it began to collect in pools. Some of these pools formed streams that made their way down hill to the rivers and streams that were located at the lowest points of elevation.


And so the night continue and the rain persisted. The people who lived in the low lying area (known to the locals as Ogden) had to make their way to higher ground. They packed up whatever belongings they could carry and quickly scrambled up the hill to avoid the worst of the flood waters they knew would surely be arriving at some point. No one in the area had seen such a terrible rain storm in all their lives. There was talk among the old folks of a big rain storm that happened in the days of their grad pappies but it was nothing they had experienced first hand.

The next day the rain slowed to a drizzle and the following day the sun returned. This was when the good people of Ogden began to venture down the hill once more to see what had happened to the homes they left behind. Well tribe, it should be no surprise to you to learn that not a single house remained standing down in that low lying area. To be continued…

Tales of a Woman Who Refused to Join Scentsy

Believe it or not there once was a woman who decided not to join Scentsy. The readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog will have trouble digesting that statement but as you know the Tribal Health CRST is all about truth. In fact the T in CRST stands for Truth. Not many people know that. The reason why I suspect the readers of this blog will have trouble with this statement of fact is because more than a few members of “the tribe” have joined Scentsy and some more than once if you can believe that. Honest Injun.

Join the Tribe – Join Scentsy

Now you are probably asking yourself, “just what do you think you are talking about, Tom Walters?” To which I would respond, “Why, I am talking about the woman who refused to join the organization known as Scentsy. Now if you will stop interrupting me I will get on with my story.” So, where was I? Oh yes, I was just about to tell you the story of that very unique woman who was given the offer to join but subsequent to this offer made the very bold decision to not join the multi-level marketing organization known to the world as Scentsy.

So, what was the reason she did not want to be a part of Scentsy? The short answer to that question is that nobody really knows. However, that has never stood in the way of people speculating as to the reason. Despite the fact that it has never stood in the way, no one actually ever took the time to speculate including yours truly. That said I suppose I could take the time now to speculate and so I will. Hmmm, let me see. What could possibly be the reason for her not to become a member of Scentsy?


Water Damage Bountiful Damage

Oh what a beautiful sight it is to see water damage Bountiful. Now I am sure that the loyal readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog have no idea what I mean by this. Never fear, my friend. I have the remainder of one paragraph and two additional paragraphs to explain what I mean. You see, when I write the words water and damage and Bountiful together they combine to make the key word. The key word is the search term I anticipate people will use to find a company that repairs water damage in the city of Bountiful. When they use these search terms (if I have properly optimized the content) the website I have back linked to in the first sentence of this paragraph will appear high on the list generated by the search engine.

Water Damage Bountiful Once More!

The text of this article need not make perfect sense or even any sense so long as they meet certain requirements. The first requirement is that the text does not appear as spam to the web bots employed by the search engines. This can usually be accomplished if the text is written by an actual human and not auto generated by a computer. I have no doubt that the computer auto generation of text will some day be capable of evading the web bot spam detectors however by that time the web bot spam detectors will have evolved in sophistication as well.

Perhaps by that time the need for this link farm type writing will no longer make sense as an S. E. O. technique. Who knows? In the world of S. E. O. a content creator must exist in the present moment. He must do the best he can and not worry so much about being eliminated through automation, outsourcing to Bangladesh or some other some such.

Hire an Electrician Ogden in 2017

The Tribal Health CRST Blog invites all of its readers to hire an electrician Ogden in 2017. We invite each reader to do this even if they do not have an electrical problem that requires attending to. We do this because it is always a good idea to keep an electrician on hand in case an electrical problem should arise. This is especially true in Ogden County. What (you might ask) is particularly special about Ogden County that would give rise to this sort of instruction? That is certainly a question that requires answering and as such will be the subject of this blog post.

Why You Should Hire an Electrician Ogden

There is something special about electricians from Ogden County. The readers of the Tribal Health CRST blog are well aware of this very important fact. As such there really is no reason to write a blog post making the suggestion that the readers of the Tribal Health CRST blog hire an electrician from Ogden County. But make this suggestion we will because to do otherwise would be a miscarriage of advice giving. However, there is no need to concern ourselves with that situation because that situation will not manifest itself.

Because this is the third paragraph of the blog post we feel it is well on time to cut to the chase. The chase that must be cut to (so to speak) is to officially make the request that the reader of this very blog post put everything else on the back burner and proceed to hire an electrician from Ogden County this very second. We suggest you do this without any further delay. To not do so would be a very grave act of omission. For this reason we declare that you the reader must hire an electrician in 2017.