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Cleaning Services With Benefits... Few people truly appreciate all the benefits which accrue when one hires a cleaning service Salt Lake City to take from them the heavy burden of cleaning their own house. The first and most obvious benefit is that their house will go from being messy and dirty to being orderly and clean. True, this fact is abundantly self evident but it is not to be overlooked. For a clean house is not just a clean house. No, a clean...
The Effects of Mold Houses that suffer from water damage Utah will often have to deal with the insidious problem of mold growth. There are many different species of the fungus we call mold. Some are more harmful than others. Usually mold (regardless of its species) will appear to be a discolored patch standing out in contrast to the surface upon which it is growing. It can often have a fuzzy appearance. Sometimes mold will appear to have a dusty quality. The dust...
The Missed Signs and Banners of the 2016 Presidential Election... It is safe to say that the both the readers of Tribal Health CRST blog and anyone else for that matter did not see the signs and banners indicating that president elect Donald J. Trump would have the electoral victory that he did on the night of Tuesday November 8th in the year of our lord 2016. All the media sources that the editorial board of the Best Auto Resource blog had access to (and it would surprise no one that...
The Thresholds of the Holiday Season... We have successfully passed the first threshold of the holiday season which is the glorious holiday called Thanksgiving. It is the official opinion of the Tribal Health CRST blog that this is the easiest holiday threshold to cross and we believe this to be true for a number of reasons. First of all, there is no gift giving associated with Thanksgiving. And unless you are one of the lucky (or unlucky depending upon your point of view) few who...
Biblical Water Damage When the biblical prophet Noah endured the divine flood in the Old Testament his property must have been subjected to extensive water damage Salt Lake City. The property in question would be what ever dwelling place he lived in. I am not sure if he and his extensive family lived in a house as we in modern times would recognize it. Certainly it was more primitive in terms of construction materials and building techniques than any house in existence...
Benefits of the ASVAB Practice Test... It just so happens that many of the readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog are also members of the United States Armed Forces. As such, they will readily affirm that all candidates for enlistment in the U. S. Armed Services must take a test called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (also called the ASVAB test) prior to being enlisted in any branch of the U. S. Armed Services including the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy,...

When You Need a Collision Repair Salt Lake City

It should come as no surprise that a car involved in a collision will require the services of a collision repair Salt Lake City shop. This is true because a collision between two or more automobiles or an automobile and a stationary object will most likely cause damage to the automobile. This damage could be damage to the exterior of the automobile which one might classify as cosmetic damage. This damage could also be damage to the engine or other mechanical components of the automobile. Regardless of the type of damage incurred by the automobile during the course of the collision, the automobile will require the services of a collision repair shop in order to fix said damage.


If the collision in question occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah it stands to reason that the parties involved will be requiring the services of a collision repair shop that happens to be located in Salt Lake City. This is true because using a collision repair shop located near the scene of the accident or near where the parties involved happen to be domiciled is an efficient use of resources. Obviously, it will be much easier for a person to take his or her car to a collision repair shop in close proximity to himself or herself than it would be to take his or her car to a collision repair shop that happens to be located at a farther distance.

We have learned much throughout the course of this article. Let us review what we have learned and take stock of our newly acquired knowledge. First of all we learned that a car involved in a collision with another car or object will likely require the services of a collision repair shop to fix any damage incurred. Second we learned that it makes sense to use a collision repair shop that is either located near the scene of the accident or where the parties involved happen to live.

A Tale of Water Damage Ogden

One of the key reasons that any tribe remain healthy is because it is bonded by stories which is why I would like to use this blog post to tell the tale I like to call water damage Ogden listen. It all started one dark and stormy night. The vaults of heaven let loose and the water came down in sheets and buckets upon the earth. In no time at all it became too much for the soil to absorb and so it began to collect in pools. Some of these pools formed streams that made their way down hill to the rivers and streams that were located at the lowest points of elevation.


And so the night continue and the rain persisted. The people who lived in the low lying area (known to the locals as Ogden) had to make their way to higher ground. They packed up whatever belongings they could carry and quickly scrambled up the hill to avoid the worst of the flood waters they knew would surely be arriving at some point. No one in the area had seen such a terrible rain storm in all their lives. There was talk among the old folks of a big rain storm that happened in the days of their grad pappies but it was nothing they had experienced first hand.

The next day the rain slowed to a drizzle and the following day the sun returned. This was when the good people of Ogden began to venture down the hill once more to see what had happened to the homes they left behind. Well tribe, it should be no surprise to you to learn that not a single house remained standing down in that low lying area. To be continued…

Tales of a Woman Who Refused to Join Scentsy

Believe it or not there once was a woman who decided not to join Scentsy. The readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog will have trouble digesting that statement but as you know the Tribal Health CRST is all about truth. In fact the T in CRST stands for Truth. Not many people know that. The reason why I suspect the readers of this blog will have trouble with this statement of fact is because more than a few members of “the tribe” have joined Scentsy and some more than once if you can believe that. Honest Injun.

Join the Tribe – Join Scentsy

Now you are probably asking yourself, “just what do you think you are talking about, Tom Walters?” To which I would respond, “Why, I am talking about the woman who refused to join the organization known as Scentsy. Now if you will stop interrupting me I will get on with my story.” So, where was I? Oh yes, I was just about to tell you the story of that very unique woman who was given the offer to join but subsequent to this offer made the very bold decision to not join the multi-level marketing organization known to the world as Scentsy.

So, what was the reason she did not want to be a part of Scentsy? The short answer to that question is that nobody really knows. However, that has never stood in the way of people speculating as to the reason. Despite the fact that it has never stood in the way, no one actually ever took the time to speculate including yours truly. That said I suppose I could take the time now to speculate and so I will. Hmmm, let me see. What could possibly be the reason for her not to become a member of Scentsy?


Water Damage Bountiful Damage

Oh what a beautiful sight it is to see water damage Bountiful. Now I am sure that the loyal readers of the Tribal Health CRST Blog have no idea what I mean by this. Never fear, my friend. I have the remainder of one paragraph and two additional paragraphs to explain what I mean. You see, when I write the words water and damage and Bountiful together they combine to make the key word. The key word is the search term I anticipate people will use to find a company that repairs water damage in the city of Bountiful. When they use these search terms (if I have properly optimized the content) the website I have back linked to in the first sentence of this paragraph will appear high on the list generated by the search engine.

Water Damage Bountiful Once More!

The text of this article need not make perfect sense or even any sense so long as they meet certain requirements. The first requirement is that the text does not appear as spam to the web bots employed by the search engines. This can usually be accomplished if the text is written by an actual human and not auto generated by a computer. I have no doubt that the computer auto generation of text will some day be capable of evading the web bot spam detectors however by that time the web bot spam detectors will have evolved in sophistication as well.

Perhaps by that time the need for this link farm type writing will no longer make sense as an S. E. O. technique. Who knows? In the world of S. E. O. a content creator must exist in the present moment. He must do the best he can and not worry so much about being eliminated through automation, outsourcing to Bangladesh or some other some such.

Hire an Electrician Ogden in 2017

The Tribal Health CRST Blog invites all of its readers to hire an electrician Ogden in 2017. We invite each reader to do this even if they do not have an electrical problem that requires attending to. We do this because it is always a good idea to keep an electrician on hand in case an electrical problem should arise. This is especially true in Ogden County. What (you might ask) is particularly special about Ogden County that would give rise to this sort of instruction? That is certainly a question that requires answering and as such will be the subject of this blog post.

Why You Should Hire an Electrician Ogden

There is something special about electricians from Ogden County. The readers of the Tribal Health CRST blog are well aware of this very important fact. As such there really is no reason to write a blog post making the suggestion that the readers of the Tribal Health CRST blog hire an electrician from Ogden County. But make this suggestion we will because to do otherwise would be a miscarriage of advice giving. However, there is no need to concern ourselves with that situation because that situation will not manifest itself.

Because this is the third paragraph of the blog post we feel it is well on time to cut to the chase. The chase that must be cut to (so to speak) is to officially make the request that the reader of this very blog post put everything else on the back burner and proceed to hire an electrician from Ogden County this very second. We suggest you do this without any further delay. To not do so would be a very grave act of omission. For this reason we declare that you the reader must hire an electrician in 2017.

House Cleaning Vancouver Equals Tribal Health

Tribal Health CRST readers know that house cleaning Vancouver equals tribal health. For the benefit of those who are not regular readers of this blog allow me to explain what I mean by this. When I say that Tribal Health is the same thing as house cleaning in the city of Vancouver what I am attempting to articulate is that the health of any tribe equates to how clean a house happens to be if that house happens to be located within the city limits of Vancouver, Washington. The obvious assumption in this statement is that the tribe in question also lives in said house.

House Cleaning Vancouver = Tribal Health

Generally when a person hears this information for the first time he or she is likely to ask if this would apply to any type of house in Vancouver or whether there is a specific requirement as to construction type? The answer to this question is a little more nuanced than one who is not familiar with the mechanics of tribal health might think. The reason for this is equally nuanced and perhaps beyond the scope of a three hundred to five hundred word blog post written for the purposes of search engine optimization.

Be that as it may what we can do in this article is explain on a very basic level why it might matter that a particular house type might impact the analysis as to house cleaning, house type and the city of Vancouver. On that note, very basically it must be fundamentally understood that the health of any tribe directly relates to the type of house in which the tribe is domiciled. I would think most Tribal Health CRST Blog readers would know this on an intuitive level. But perhaps articulating this intuition might be more difficult than one might think.

Buy a Tote Heater in 2017

There are many reasons why a Tribal Health CRST Blog reader should (nay must) purchase a tote heater in the New Year. First of all, it is well known that many chemicals and industrial supplies have very strict storage and temperature requirements. For example, cold temperatures can be particularly troublesome. If a business stores chemicals or other industrial supplies in large totes, it can sometimes be very difficult to find an effective heating solution for them. Accordingly, the question naturally arises as to how does a business keep an IBC or a tote tank, filled with chemicals at an optimal temperature? It seems reasonable that the business would naturally seek out a heater manufacturer that happens to possess the proper solution to this most vexing problem.


Tribal Health CRST Blog readers know that tote heaters will save them time, money and hassle by preserving their most sensitive of products. The business would want a heater company to carry the top lines of heaters that emit safe and consistent heat. This would ensure the totes are stored at the optimal temperatures. The industry standard tote heaters usually can fit two hundred seventy-five gallon, three hundred thirty gallon, and three hundred fifty gallon totes. Through the business’ custom process it must be able to manufacture heaters to fit any kind of tote. The tote must also be easy to install.

Heaters of any variety are required to raise the temperature of the object they are applied to. Often times heating is necessary because the object requiring heat is too cold for what ever purpose it was originally designed to perform. As such, when an object finds itself to be insufficiently warm or hot a heater is very often the most perfect solution. This is true because it is the function of a heater to raise the temperature of the object it is heating.


Why YOU Should Join Scentsy

There are many, many reasons why a reader of the Tribal Health CRST blog should take the icy plunge and join Scentsy. I say “take the icy plunge” because the act of joining Scentsy as an independent sales consultant is very much akin to plunging into icy waters. Why is this an apt comparison you ask? Well, people participate in the “polar bear club” which for those of you who do not know, is an activity where people willingly submerse themselves in icy cold water as a means of both challenging their constitution and also to rejuvenate themselves with a shock to the system.


For this reason, the joining the Scentsy sales force is very much like the decision to join the polar bear club. This is true because joining Scentsy is both a test of one’s constitution as well as a rejuvenating and much needed shock to the system. It is a fair question to ask me to be more specific in my assertions and in deference to this anticipated question I shall endeavor to issue forth an informative response. First of all, not everyone is cut out to be a multi-level marketing sales person. This requires some amount of time not only selling the products through parties and other functions. But this also requires the recruitment of other sales people in order to fully optimize your earning potential. As I said, not everyone is cut out for this because it takes effort and requires the sales person to “put themselves out there” so to speak. This requires a degree of courage and a willingness to exceed your comfort zone. But by doing this one tests their constitution and by testing their constitution they strengthen it. Moreover, by putting yourself out of your comfort zone you are shocking your system. This has a rejuvenating effect and will alter your entire outlook on life.