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The Berry Bubble Blue Scentsy Bar... Many people who join Scentsy as a sales consultant will no doubt come into contact with the “Berry Bubble Blue” Scentsy Bar. This Scentsy bar is described as a “delicious blast of blue raspberry, tart green apple and spun sugar [that will] brighten up bath time, bedtime [and] anytime!” Once said Scentsy sales consultant comes into contact with this particular Scentsy bar he or she (but most likely she) will truly come to know how delicious the blast of...
The Effects of Mold Houses that suffer from water damage Utah will often have to deal with the insidious problem of mold growth. There are many different species of the fungus we call mold. Some are more harmful than others. Usually mold (regardless of its species) will appear to be a discolored patch standing out in contrast to the surface upon which it is growing. It can often have a fuzzy appearance. Sometimes mold will appear to have a dusty quality. The dust...
Not All Water Damage is Flood Water Damage... Most home owner insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Many home owners are not aware of this fact. This is unfortunate because the potential water damage Utah that can be inflicted upon a house as the result of a flood can be quite devastating. Not all water damage is the result of a flood, however. The definition of flood for the purposes of insurance coverage will be defined in the language of the insurance policy itself. Often the...
What Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Involve And Can I Get It In Utah... What Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Involve And Can I Get It In Utah As we grow older, people often experience a decrease in energy levels, sex drive and vitality, which is why more and more people are turning to Bioidentical hormone therapy services in Utah. This marvel of modern medicine is a practical therapy, now greatly excepted as an excellent form of mainstream medicine that can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of age and help remedy for...
How Athletes Deal With Acute Injuries... Every athlete has injured themselves at one time or another. This is one of the most frustrating phases of athletic training. Without a good KEYWORD athletic trainer, an injury can leave you feeling left behind. Here, we will discuss some basic ways you can customize your training schedule based on your injury. Acute vs. Chronic Injury The first factor to determine, is whether this injury is acute or chronic. An acute injury is a sudden onset of injury, like...
Conditions That Can Be Solved Through Myofaccial Release Salt Lake City Therapy... As we anticipate living an enjoyable lifestyle, we are met with countless challenges that may affect out health being. This may happen through trauma that can be brought by surgery, falls, habitual poor sitting posture, poor walking postures, thwarted inflammatory responses, fascial tightness and solidify as well as constricts. If this is left untreated, the fascial web is believed to reorganize as it strives to support and later reinforce areas that are usually known to subject and later increase...

How to Build an Ark

Today is a rainy day. Rain makes me think of water and water makes me think of water damage Utah. Water damage in turn makes me think of Noah and the flood. Noah and the flood makes me think of how Noah and his family gathered two of every species into the ark that God told him how to build. It is curious that God had such specific instructions as to the construction of the ark. One might think that God could leave the specifics of the construction of the ark to Noah. Of course this assumes Noah possessed the knowledge of ark building.

Noah must have had some carpentry skill because he was able to successfully construct a functional ark based upon God’s instructions. Not only did the finished product float for the full amount of time the flood lasted, but according to the story it was large enough to accommodate both Noah’s extended family and all of the animals of the world to boot. One would think that a person without carpentry skills would not be able to accomplish this feat regardless how in depth God’s instructions turned out to be.

There is a logical problem here. If Noah had no carpentry skills then he would not be able to build the ark properly even if God provided detailed instructions. However, if Noah was a competent carpenter then he would probably be able to build the ark on his own without detailed instructions from God. I suppose it is possible that Noah possessed adequate carpentry skills but was not specifically skilled in ark building and as such required God’s instructions to complete the project. Regardless of the actual combination of Noah’s carpentry skills and God’s instructions, the ark was built and Noah was able to withstand the flood along with all the water damage Utah it caused.

The Berry Bubble Blue Scentsy Bar

Many people who join Scentsy as a sales consultant will no doubt come into contact with the “Berry Bubble Blue” Scentsy Bar. This Scentsy bar is described as a “delicious blast of blue raspberry, tart green apple and spun sugar [that will] brighten up bath time, bedtime [and] anytime!” Once said Scentsy sales consultant comes into contact with this particular Scentsy bar he or she (but most likely she) will truly come to know how delicious the blast of blue raspberry can be. Moreover, said sales consultant will be donkey punched with green apple tartness and enwrapped in a cocoon of spun sugar. Once the sales consultant finds herself in this olfactory nirvana her bath time, bed time as well as her any time will become very bright indeed.

Now, when the person who has made the very impactful decision to join Scentsy finds herself within the berry bubble, she will find that this bubble is in fact a new universe with strange and different rules. These rules will most likely seem mysterious and strange to the Scentsy sales consultant at first. But little by little over time the Scentsy sales consultant will become familiarized with these new rules. At some point these rules will seem commonplace to the Scentsy sales consultant and the transformation will then be complete.

The obvious question at this point is, “What’s next?” Once the Scentsy sales consultant has completed her transformation within the Berry Blue Bubble the outer membrane of the bubble will burst and she will then be thrown into the world much like a new born baby emerging from her mother’s birth canal. Like all births, this can be a messy affair. It is not a perfect process nor is it meant to be. But the endpoint is a new and better state of being. That much is certain.

Mr. Sackman’s Ethical Dilemma

It certainly would accomplish nothing of value to prosecute Mr. Sackman for running over a Canada goose on his way to a Toastmaster’s meeting. True, he was late for the meeting. Whether his lateness was through some negligence on his part or whether his lateness was the result of conspiring events out of his control is of no matter. Being late in and of itself is no crime and does nothing to affect the analysis as to whether Mr. Sackman is guilty or innocent.

As a society we generally do not see the accidental killing of a wild animal to be a crime. There is the crime of cruelty to animals but this crime requires an intent to kill or harm animals for the purpose of amusement. Mr. Sackman’s actions that night clearly do not fit this description. Although the result of Mr. Sackman’s negligence is regrettable, there is no crime to prosecute given the facts available.

Upon inspection of Mr. Sackman’s vehicle there appears to be no obvious damage and therefore no reason to take his car to an auto body repair Salt Lake City. The goose, however, is another story entirely. After Mr. Sackman relayed the story of his unfortunate incident to me I put it in my mind to drive by the scene of the tort on the following day. When I did this I did observe a smear of black and white feathers along the side of the road but I did not see a dead carcass anywhere. I can only assume that the goose survived and left the premises under its own power or that some municipal authority stopped by after the accident and removed the body.

Although Mr. Sackman’s car did not require the services of a collision repair Salt Lake City, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Sackman’s conscience will require some attending to.

The Ice Breaker

The first speech project a new member of Toastmasters is tasked to perform is called the “Ice Breaker.” The goal of this project is for the new member to introduce himself or herself to his or her fellow club members by providing some information about themselves in the form of a speech. It also serves to give the new member an opportunity to speak before the club. As long as the speech serves those two purposes and is four to six minutes in length the content of the speech can be on any topic.


For example, if a new member works for a maid service Salt Lake City, he or she may want speak about his or her daily tasks related to this profession. He or she may talk about the different types of houses he or she cleans or experiences dealing with customers and their personal possessions or really any subject matter as long as it provides some information about the speaker to the members of the club.


Many new members rely on notes to deliver their Ice Breaker speech. This is not discouraged because as mentioned the main purpose of the Ice Breaker is to provide that seminal experience speaking before the club and to give the new member an opportunity to introduce themselves to his or her fellow club members. So when that new member (whether he or she works for a house keeping service Salt Lake City or a construction crew) sits down to design their speech all they really have to do is come up with an introduction, a body consisting of up to three examples and a conclusion. Because the Ice Breaker is the first speech, the evaluators are generally pretty lenient as to style and performance. The main goal is just to get through it.


Biblical Water Damage

When the biblical prophet Noah endured the divine flood in the Old Testament his property must have been subjected to extensive water damage Salt Lake City. The property in question would be what ever dwelling place he lived in. I am not sure if he and his extensive family lived in a house as we in modern times would recognize it. Certainly it was more primitive in terms of construction materials and building techniques than any house in existence in a first world country in this day and age. Nevertheless, regardless of how it was built and what it was made from the house (if we can call it that) would have most likely been completely swept away never to be seen again for no house can survive a flood of (literally) biblical proportions.


That being said, by contrast the Ark that Noah and his sons constructed was designed precisely to resist the destructive power of water. It was constructed to float atop the waters of the flood until they abated from whence they came. It is difficult to know exactly how the water removal was accomplished but if we are to believe the account as written in the Book of Genesis we can be assured that it receded leaving the Ark on solid ground atop Mount Tabor in eastern Asia Minor. Once safely beached he then released all the worlds beasts he kept two of a kind within the hold of the Ark.


At this point, although the Bible does not specifically say, it can be assumed that Noah built himself a new dwelling place. Of course in those days there was no flood insurance. Nor were their businesses that specialized in the remediation of water damage inflicted upon a house or structure. A man was in charge of the maintenance and repair of his own home and Ark.

Roommate Chemistry is Important to Harmonious Living...

I have had some bad roommates in my day and it is my hope that I might pass along any wisdom I possess in order to save the person (or web crawler) reading this article from experiencing the strife I have had to endure. It could be argued (on the other hand) that enduring strife is the savor of life and build character. In my experience I would rather not have endured the strife all the same. So, if you are a perspective student who will be attending Weber State University in the fall and are looking for Weber State housing it is my contention that you must consider your living situation specifically who you will be living with.


My sophomore year in college I was paired with a gentleman from Puerto Rico who was a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps or (ROTC). His name was Miguel. We were sort of oil and water from the beginning. I cannot say that the fault was entirely his or even mostly his. I did not make good choices in terms of respecting his privacy. Yada yada yada I woke up in the middle of the night by him beating me with stick.


After college I was working in Washington DC and shared a rented row house with a woman named Kelly. Right from the start she had a bunch of rules about cleaning the house. She was pretty but that did not make up for the fact that she was a complete bitch and tried to dominate our relationship. Eventually I got fed up and stopped cleaning to her satisfaction. Things deteriorated from there.


The take home message is that before you make a decision about you Weber State Housing situation I highly encourage you to put a great deal of thought behind whom you will be living with.

How to Get Your Tween Daughters to Clean Their Rooms...

Parents of daughters in their tweens likely know that it is quite a difficult undertaking to get them to keep their rooms looking tidy. Typically there are piles of clothes (perhaps dirty or perhaps clean) lying all about the room on the floor and on the bed. There are also piles of debris crammed into corners and in the closet. The bathrooms are usually equally as messy. Most of the time it is a lost cause to try to get them to clean their rooms because soon after they clean their rooms their quickly return back to their state of untidiness. For this reason I have resorted to hiring a cleaning service Vancouver.


Even though a house cleaning service arrive on a bi-weekly basis that does not mean that I do not put pressure on them to keep their rooms clean. To this end I can sometimes get them to clean their rooms with bribery. The usual currency for this transaction is a song for them to download off of iTunes. As bribes go this is not too expensive. Often it is harder for them to clean their own rooms than it is for them to clean each other’s room. I suppose cleaning their sister’s room feels more like a real job than cleaning their own room.


I do enjoy the twenty four hours or so after the maid service has paid a visit. A clean house is somehow less stressful for me. It lifts my spirit. I do not understand how my tween daughters can exist in such a chaotic state but they seem to get along just fine. That said they do seem to appreciate it as well when the cleaning service has performed their function. I guess, despite the fact that they too like a clean house, they just do not like it enough to keep it clean under their own volition.

Benefits of Myofascial Release

Benefits of Myofascial Release

Being in pain can affect every aspect of your life, from your ability to concentrate on your job to the way you interact with your friends and family. Through myofascial release Salt Lake City residents can free themselves from pain and live fuller lives.

Whether you have a recent injury or long-term pain, a myofascial release specialist may be able to bring you relief from your suffering and help you put the joy back into your life.

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release is a massage technique that aims to release tension and tightness in the myofascia, the tissues that surround and provide support to your muscles. Myofascial tissues exist in all parts of your body, from the head and neck to the legs and feet, which means that myofascial pain can manifest as backache, sore legs, and many other types of pain. During a myofascial release treatment session, a physical therapist applies pressure to particular points in or near the affected part of the body to stretch and massage the myofascia. This often has the effect of releasing tension in the myofascia, which can lead to a reduction in pain.

Benefits of Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a useful treatment for many types of pain. Physical therapists often use this technique to treat backache, which affects a very large number of people. Many patients report that the tension in their back begins to feel better immediately after their first treatment, although it may take several sessions to completely relieve your pain.

Sometimes, myofascial release is useful for chronic headaches. Although headaches can have many different causes, one common cause is tension in the myofascia around the head and neck. Gently massaging particular trigger points in these areas can therefore bring relief to some people. In this case, it’s important to see a professional myofascial release specialist, as incorrectly massaging the neck yourself could damage the delicate muscles in this area.

Unlike surgical interventions, myofascial release is a non-invasive treatment and does not carry the same risks. For example, there is no need to go under anesthetic to receive this treatment, which means it is a safer option. Many people even find the massage sessions relaxing.

Myofascial release can generally be used in combination with other non-invasive treatments, such as anti-inflammatory or pain relief medications. Your physical therapist may suggest that you use myofascial release treatments in addition to following a program of strengthening exercises. Using a combination of treatments can help to bring long-lasting relief from pain by addressing the underlying causes as well as the symptoms.

Should You Try Myofascial Release?

If you are in pain, myofascial release could be a good way to end your suffering. To reap the full benefits of this advanced massage technique, it is important to see a practitioner who has significant experience of using myofascial release to treat patients. The effectiveness of the treatment can vary a lot depending on the skills of the practitioner, so it is a good idea to see someone who has a good reputation for relieving pain.

Through myofascial release Salt Lake City residents just like you have freed themselves from chronic pain and gone on to live fuller, happier lives. If pain is having a negative impact on your life, why not give this low-risk treatment a try?